When I think of Covid19, I dont think of a virus.  Instead, I think of deception from those we depend on for knowledge and understanding.

Every which way I turn I hear so many different stories.  I don’t know what is truth and what is fiction.

Many people of this world have their own agendas for spreading their version of the truth.  Some even knowingly spread untruths for the mere sake of creating uproars in our society.

Then you have the followers who give these monsters power over them.  They’ll listen to anyone who makes the story interesting and can keep up the most chaos.

While oblivion is not a good place to be, I wish we lived in a society where our people would not be so easily influenced by just any old thing that is put before them.

I think a happy medium between oblivion and utter pandemic would be a nice compromise.

When I think of a young child who is introduced to a food item for the first time and doesn’t think twice before he devours it, it reminds me of some of the people in our society who are doing that very thing with the information that is put before them.

Then, you  have the finicky child who picks and chooses what he will and will not ingest.  No matter how much you try to persuade that child to eat this food, he just refuses to eat it.  If that innocent child has the intelligence to choose what he is willing to accept, then why don’t we possess that same intelligence.

We as a society should be like the finicky child and know what we should take at face value and refuse to hear the rest so we can avoid letting ourselves become blinded by things that may be misguiding us into this dark place that is fast developing all around us.

If someone says “I want you to drink this poison”, will you drink it? I think you would be greatly opposed to doing so.  Well, in my opinion, poisonous information is no different because it can be just as deadly as that poisonous drink if we don’t compartmentalize the information we receive and throw out the bad stuff with the trash.

I don’t know what to believe anymore, but I am currently not allowing myself to become obsessed or overwhelmed with grief and fear over what is or is not happening in our society.

I see people panicking and running rampant over the first bit of information they receive and its sad to see the people of our society being so self destructive and turning against each other.

We were taught in kindergarten that if our clothes ever caught on fire, we were to stop drop and roll to put out the fire because if we ran the fire would just get bigger and bigger until if devours us.

This is what is happening in our society, people are running with rumors without assessing what they are receiving, ultimately being devoured by the chaos.

I think our society should stop and think about what we are doing before reacting and compounding the emotional fires of this world.  It saddens me what is happening.

We should drop all the nonsense and stop creating unnecessary chaos, and roll with the punches by doing the best we can to help each other rather than hurting each other because at the end of the day we are all God’s children and we are all negatively impacted by all this destruction.

Whether directly or indirectly we all pay the price eventually.  Sadly, our children will probably pay the biggest price in the long run because of the way we are influencing them.

Just something to think about…

Heartfelt Interview…

I just watched a tear-jerking interview with Lisa Nichols.

The only thing missing is that I didn’t hear her give praise to God during the interview.  I don’t know her faith, so I cannot say whether or not she believes and leans on our Father.

What I do believe, however, is that God is using her to touch hearts, make people realize their self-worth, and enabling people to change their lives positively.

I was so moved by this interview and I hope you will be, too.

Blessings to you all and, please, go find your God-given purpose in life.

James 1:5 “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”

Just something to think about…



Motivation continued…

As I go through my life’s daily challenges, I continue to seek motivation for myself and my family.  So, I have taken an interest in this speaker, Les Brown.

Here is another video that I found to be very enlightening.  I hope it will be helpful to you, as well.

I will share more of his motivational teachings as I come across them.

Some things he touches on may seem repetitive, but perhaps that’s what it takes to make it sink into our minds and our spirits for the benefit of bringing us out of whatever doubts, struggles, or negative thoughts that manifest from the challenges we experience in our daily lives, big or small.

When you feel like you’re at your lowest point is when you need to focus the most!

If Les Brown or any others before him can find God’s calling on their lives, so can you.

If you already know your calling but it has not yet manifested itself, keep working hard and you will get there.

Continue to keep God as the head of your life and stay focused.

Just something to think about…

Motivation Is Vital …

Motivation is a vital resource because without it, you become stagnant and let life pass you by without any real growth.

I recently ran across this motivational speaker during one of my moments of doubt.  Over time I stopped praying due to my busy schedule with school and all because I was simply too wiped out to bond with God.  At least, that’s what I believed.

So, it was no accident that I came across this video because it was exactly what I needed during that moment, and still is.

I imagine that most of you have already heard of Les Brown.  He has been a motivational speaker for more than 30 years.

God is the head of my life and I believe he allowed this to be put before me to help bring me out of my moment of weakness and self doubt.

Please take a moment to listen.

After I stepped back from my usual committed relationship with God, I started feeling a certain kind of way.  It’s hard to describe, but I’m sure you can relate.

Shortly after feeling out of sorts, I began to start praying about my life again because I needed to fill that void.

I had been allowing that essence of hopelessness to cloud my mind but quickly decided that I wasn’t having any of that.

When I started to pray again, one of my prayers was for our Father God to help me get back on track because I felt stuck.  This is when I stumbled across his video.

I quickly figured out that it was simply the feeling that I was at a standstill in my progress toward my goals because I had chosen to take a break from school.

I had my plans but when the reality that I was spreading myself too thin set in, I had to step back for a minute and re-evaluate my situation.  I had to regain my composure and adjust my plan of action.

Being in school had become so familiar to me, so it felt strange not to be in attendance. Still does. I thought “What do I do now?”

Well, I need to take advantage of this time and simply rest my mind and body while I can because I will have to go back sooner than later if I am to complete my goals.

I intend to have a fresh mind and hopefully a fresh body by then.  That is, if I take this time to do what is required of me, which is to rest when I am not working!

In the meantime, I will continue to pray that I am on the right path that God intended for me.

If you are in a place similar to mine and need some motivation, I hope this video will light the fire within you and give you that second wind to keep going.  May God Be With You Always!

Just something to think about.

Monster of my dreams…

Monster Of My Dreams

Imagine living a sheltered life,

A pretty cool childhood experience, right?

Feeling safe, loved, and protected by your father,

In my case, my stepdad who was my everything.

Seclusion from the ugly world around me,

Afforded me fairy tales of happiness to come.

I’d marry the man of my dreams,

He’d treat me like a princess,

Just like my father did.

This is every girl’s fairytale.

One day, you meet the man of your dreams.

You’re sixteen and you don’t know any better.

Oh, you think you do, but you don’t.

This man of your dreams,

Is really the monster of your dreams.

Not the kind that hides in your closet,

Or under your bed and comes out at night.

He’s the kind that hides,

In plain sight, In daylight.

Allowing you and your loved ones,

To only see that which he wants you to see,

That is, until he gets you all to himself,

Then, the true monster is revealed.

Imagine you being too afraid

To say anything to your parents

Finally, when you do,

The monster manipulates your family

Into believing he’s anything but a monster.

He lies to them and says,

Awww, she’s just being silly,

As he laughs ever so sweetly.

Meanwhile, behind closed doors,

You are faced with your reality,

This monster shows his ugly face.

He is far from sweet,

Certainly not your Prince Charming.

Your fairytale is bittersweet at best.

This story lasts for a little while until,

One day this girl decides to stop the cycle.

Although, life’s consequences followed,

This girl dodged a bullet, so to speak.

Perhaps not a real bullet,

One never knows what a monster will do.

If you’re ever in the company of a monster,

Don’t be scared into staying and weighing your odds.

Remove yourself as quickly and as safely as possible

After all, a 6 foot 250lb monster,

Is probably afraid of his own inner monsters.

So he lashes out and causes harm,

To the one he is supposed to protect.

I never liked playing the odds,

Someone always has to lose,

It shouldn’t be you!

Just something to think about…

The Air You Breathed….

Once upon a time, I was the air that you breathed.

I was young and innocent yet,

I gave you life out of my very being.

In the beginning, I took care of you,

When you could not care for yourself.

But as time went on,

Life as we knew it changed.

When I was not with you in body,

I was always with you in spirit,

Because you are an extension of me.

Even though I couldn’t wipe your tears,

I still cried when you cried,

I was sad when you were sad.

I focused on the moment,

When I could be reunited with you.

To be there in body,

Rather than simply in spirit,

You couldn’t possibly know what I was feeling!

You had your own interpretation,

But it was all wrong. How could you know?

My only goal was to work hard,

Get to a good place, back on my feet,

and rush back to get you,

This time for good!

Oh, I left you in great hands,

Full of love and guidance,

To nurture you while you were away.

Now you are older,

Only to remember the loneliness from my absence.

Rather than the reality of my struggle,

My persistence to rise above my obstacles.

No matter how many times I say,

This was my situation and I did the best I knew how, 

It just doesn’t wipe away the sting,

No, it doesn’t change anything.

Many disadvantages come with being a teenager,

Not quite adult yet, but taking a stance in that arena.

So, add that with marrying the MONSTER of your dreams,

Coupled with first time teenage motherhood.

Feared into divorce and left all alone,

To find my own way without a parental compass.

Suddenly starting over and terrified,

What will I do now?

I have this little life that depends on me!

Not a thread of experience as an adult,

Let alone as a single mother.

Who was I?

Just a teenager rushed into adulthood,

Of course, by my own bad decisions,

Yet, without those choices

You would cease to exist.

I have no regrets of giving you life,

Just regrets of doing it when I wasn’t ready,

Perhaps not giving us both a chance,

At normality in this crazy world.

Many times I cried and waited,

For the day when I could bring you home.

Not a moment went by that I did not miss you.

I cannot go back in the past for if I did,

Given the same situation,

The picture might not look much different.

Unless I stayed in the abusive marriage,

Perhaps the unthinkable migh’ve happened,

Then, I would not have been around either way.

Only our Father, God knows.

Yes, we were reunited eventually,

But the struggle didn’t change.

As I was still finding my way over the years,

Eventually a full grown adult,

But still no compass or guide.

Trying to find my way,

Sometimes giving tough love,

To try and make you stand strong,

Other times, too passive and just short of a doormat.

Because as you got older my decisions,

To give you what I thought you needed,

As a mother, werent always accurate

Because no one is perfect, never will be.

So, today I feel estranged,

For doing the best that I could.

We are both much older now,

I am in your presence,

Yet, I am merely an object of tolerance.

Now with extensions of yourself,

That I may never get to know,

Feels like I may have to cut my losses and just let go.

Until the day when God sees fit to give me back,

Everything the devil stole from me and from you.

Never completely walking away,

As you’re always with me in spirit,

Because you came from me.

So, I am never out of reach,

I used to be the air that you breathed.

Just something to think about…

My second poem…

My eyes light up when I smile,

My eyes close real tight when I cry!

I mostly see my smile because I am mostly happy.

My personality and drive is that of a fighter,

A fighter who never gives up.

I know I am in good hands because God sustains me.

If you look in the mirror long enough,

You just might see a reflection of me.

Aren’t we really the same when you look close up?

I see myself in you and you in me.

We all strive for the same things,

At least most of us do. Even our desires are similar.

We seek true love, happiness, and good health,

Wealth, family, and friends are important to us.

Some of us seek eternal life, but some of us don’t.

We are all connected in this great big world,

Some of us know it, but sadly some of us think we are alone.

Well, you are not alone!

But you have to open up so I can see you,

The real you, the vulnerable you, the sad you, the happy you.

When you pass that elderly person on the street,

You could be looking at yourself years down the road.

When you cross paths with that teenager who might be lost,

Perhaps that teenager was you many years ago.

When you smile your eyes light up,

When you cry your eyes close real tight.

We are all connected…




Always stay prayed up…

Recently, I learned that it is so very important to stay prayed up no matter how good life seems to be going.  If you don’t, you leave yourself open for the enemy to sneak in and throw a monkey wrench in your day.

Your inner joy can never be taken away because God gives it you by way of the holy spirit, but things can get thrown off quite a bit if you’re caught off guard and that can be disturbing for a while until you are able to process it properly.

I had a Great Christmas Day and a Very Happy New Year!  It was kind, quiet, peaceful, and pleasant.  I was able to rest a little before I started my day.  So, everything was really nice.

I was pretty hopeful that the new year would bring many blessings for my family and me.  I still am very excited and hopeful about what great things this new year has in store for me, but was saddened by a few twists and turns days after my peaceful and happy moments.

Life is still good and I am blessed beyond measure, but with a few unexpected eye openers that I would rather not have had the displeasure of experiencing.  Things that I wish I could turn back the clock and have things back the way they were, maybe even better, if that makes any sense.

But that’s life, I guess.  Sometimes life will throw you a curve ball.

What do you do with that curve ball?  You keep praying, try to express as much love to those who need it and wait for the next one to come and hope it lands where its supposed to.

As far as those things which sadden me, I know that God will fix everything and put it all back together again the way it was meant to be.

Moving forward, I won’t take any opportunities to pray for granted, and neither should you, because when the enemy can’t get to you directly, he’ll try to find ugly and nasty old ways to get to you through the people you hold so near and dear to your heart.

So, never ignore opportunities for prayer because you’re too busy or too tired.

Make time to pray everyday!  Pray for yourself, your loved ones, your friends, really everyone, because we’re all in this together.

Just something to think about…

My First Poem…

 Who am I?

I am my Father’s great creation and I smile ever so softly,

I am God’s child with a heart of gold that shines ever so brightly.


At least I try to shine most of the time.

Look at me, I am imperfect, yet my existence was perfected by God.


I am one of his great works of art, just like you,

Do I serve my purpose?  Well, I certainly try to.  Do you?


I believe my purpose is to light up a room of dimmed hearts,

He carefully constructs our very being, each and every part.


Our minds, our bodies, and our spirits,

I try to listen when he speaks but sometimes I can’t hear it.


He sustains me and keeps me humble and grounded,

But sometimes I lose my way and just become dumbfounded.


At the loving way he puts things back into perspective for me,

I believe God wants me to be all that I can be.


It is up to me to let him lead the way and then do my part,

Because as I said, I believe my purpose is to light up a room of dimmed hearts.

Who are you?

Just something to think about…

Ps.  This attempt at writing a poem was inspired by a stranger I met in passing who said that a poem can say anything you want it to say.  It doesn’t have to rhyme, but it can if you want it to, its totally up to you.  What’s important is that you write it from your heart.  That’s what makes a poem a poem.


In a world where there is little to no integrity among businesses and consumers, you say “Trust me”.  I say, prove yourself first.

I don’t mean to jump from my usual loving posts to the exact opposite, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on this a little as it has recently become a concern to me.

It is so important to be a man or woman, or in this case a “business” of your word, but in my recent experiences, there appears to be no such thing anymore when it comes to the merchant/repairman-consumer relationships.  Integrity seems to be a thing of the past.

I remember a time when the postmaster was definitely trustworthy.  That doesn’t seem to be the case any longer.  In my personal experiences, they don’t take pride in delivering the mail properly and due to politics in business they have to flood you with unwanted junk mail just to say that they honored their agreement with their client.  So they say to me, also their client, that they can’t stop it so you have to deal with it and “just throw it out”.  This is what I was told from a postal worker.

Why can’t I be afforded the choice to opt out of receiving this, especially if I am paying for these service by way of an annual and excessive post office fee to them or even simply as a taxpayer.

I’m fine with throwing out a couple pieces of junk mail, but when my mailbox is bombarded with mail and none of it is relevant, it becomes a problem.  I find myself going to check the mail just to head right to the trash and coming back empty handed.

Due to my age, I never got to experience the milkman service, but from what I hear, the milkman was like family as was the postal carrier.  They could be trusted and they were often times adored. Times sure have changed!

Now, it has become all about how much money the business can save and not about providing the best service possible.  If they can cut corners without being exposed, they will surely do so in an effort to spare themselves the expenditures.  They try to stretch that dollar as far as they can.

Now, I have no problem with stretching the dollar, but just not at the expense of the consumer.  It is wrong, it is immoral, and it is theft in its mildest form, at least that is my opinion.

Several months ago I had to force integrity upon a vendor in an effort to make them accountable to do “their” jobs.  It was like pulling teeth and due to my intense focus on this issue along with a few others directly related to inadequate services, I missed a very important event in my life that has caused me a major setback.

I figure the setback may have been allowed by God because maybe it wasn’t the right time for me to move forward and I’m ok with that because I trust God completely and if it was for me to move forward, no distractions would have prevented it.  But it still does not negate the fact that people should say what they mean and mean what they say.

If you say you’re going to provide a service, do it to the best of your ability without trying to sneak in an omission to give yourself an monetary advantage.  An omission is a failure to act.

Just something to think about…