My Spiritual Spark of Rejuvenation…

I’m stopping by to share a moment with you.

I know I’ve been in and out, inconsistent,

Almost non-existent for a while now.

Showing up periodically and for that, I am truly sorry.

For readers who might look forward to reading my post,

I’ll commit to share my thoughts once a week.

I’m on a path but my purpose is still not clear.

So, today I had an awakening that lit up my spirit.

I have everything that I need because God provides it to me,

Yet, at times I find myself feeling unfulfilled and alone,

Seemingly, watching each day pass without a real purpose.

I know these things aren’t true, I just have those moments,

As I image we all do sometimes because we are human.

While I don’t have all my wants fulfilled, I still am blessed.

Today I stumbled across this movie entitled “Selfie Dad” ,

Which seemed to be slow and really nothing special.

At first I thought it was just a comedy and that,

I could laugh a little after a very stressful day at work.

Then I thought, due to its content, cast and characters,

That it was a parody of “War Room” because of its similarities.

Gradually, as I watched it, I became engaged and realized,

This movie really was something special.

It used a subtle approach to introduce the word of God.

The movie also expressed how much God loves us.

It spoke to me in a such a calming manner that,

I really felt my Father’s love for me in that moment.

The movie’s ending sealed the message,

Was so uplifting because it spoke to me directly.

This song from the soundtrack had the same affect.

See Below: But keep reading after the song.

So very Inspirational!!!

In my opinion, God left his footprint right there for me to see,

Leaving me a message of calm and comfort that I’ve prayed for.

That message came from Psalms 16:11

“Thou wilt shew me the path of life:

in thy presence is fulness of joy;

at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”

The lyrics “I’m right Here” from the song also revived me.

Many years have past and I still don’t know my purpose

I go through moments where I think I know it,

Only to find myself stuck in limbo.

I don’t know why my purpose is not yet clear to me,

One thing I do know for sure,

I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now.

However stagnant life may seem from a worldly point of view.

Always trust God to guide you to your intended purpose,

You may just have to wait a little longer, as I have.

Maybe there’s a lesson or two that needs to be learned first.

I know that I will settle into my purpose in God’s time.

Hopefully, you were as inspired as I was.

Remember to watch the movie to the very end,

You’ll see the spiritual sparks,

At least I hope so….

My Thoughts…

I felt compelled to stop in for a minute to share my thoughts.

I am truly saddened by the events of our world and where we are headed. Our children’s minds are becoming poisoned by the demonic influences of this world.

You think you have your children shielded from the subliminal and the openly offensive messages of the devil, but you don’t because the demonic entities manage to find a way to slither into our homes anyway. They come in the disguise of social media, entertainment, and news.

In most cases, the only thing we have left to fight with is the power of prayer to preserve our children’s mind and our families. We hope that with proper nurturing, prayer, and guidance, they will survive the atrocities of the world.

Those of us who’s minds are mature enough to wade through all the garbage can throw out that which is not truth, but our youth cannot distinguish truth from lies because they have no real foundation to base anything on other than the lies they are being fed. So they don’t get the opportunity to think for themselves.

They are being encouraged to make decisions about their lives at very young ages that no young child should ever have to make and the venomous adults, some even disguised as caring parents, are just leading them into destruction.

Our children are our future. It’s really frightening to know that these are the children we as adults will someday rely on to take care of us when we become elderly. It’s not the children’s faults because we are supposed to protect our children and lead them in the right direction.

I remember back in the day, when it took a village to raise a child, but the village has turned its backs on our children and now they use our children as prey to fulfill their own sick desires and agendas.

Their little minds are constantly absorbing this destructive information and taking it as good information, when its quite the opposite. This poison is being fed to our children so fast, that we as parents and role models have to work ten times as hard just to keep up and try to keep our children from being completely crippled mentally by all of this corruption.

It is a crying shame that this is all we have to offer them. The people who run this country should be ashamed of themselves for purposely destroying our children. You know who you are!

The good people who make it their purpose to save our country and our children and have been put in place and who have worked hard to make a difference, I applaud you for your efforts and am grateful to still have you in our corners. You know who you are!

We fight and fight and it sometimes becomes exhausting. But we keep fighting anyway and try our best to preserve our children’s minds and their innocence, at least, what’s left of it.

We must never give up on our children or our futures because I believe good will always prevail over evil but in God’s time.

Just something to think about…

Sharing A Serene Beat…

I decided to share another relaxing beat from my little guy.

He takes a sample and makes it into a beat like this one.

I recently learned that sometimes he produces them from scratch,

I wish I had just an ounce of his musical interests and talents.

I like watching him subtly create serene musical artforms.

I describe his talents as chill with swag, yet no arrogance.

Pretty fascinating, but of course, my opinion is biased.

Beats aren’t quite the same as listening to him play the piano,

But it is just as soothing. At least I think so.

When stressed, I turn on his beats and feel a sense of calm.

I thought it’d share it in hopes that it relaxes you too. Thanks for visiting this blog!

A New Year Is Upon Us…

A New Year has come upon us, but Covid19 has refused to go away with 2020. It’s too bad that we seem to be casualties of whatever agendas are before us.

I am praying for 2021 to be a much better year for all of us and for each year thereafter to be even greater.

I’m also very sorry that I’ve been MIA from those of you who have taken the time to read my posts.

As I am sure with most of us, this year has been a tough one due to the political rhetoric and Covid19 concerns and losses we’ve had to endure.

The last time I posted, I had decided to bring you along on my journey to follow my little guy’s piano lessons.

Ironically, as soon as I made the decision to take you on this journey, he lost the determination that drove him to rush to the piano several times during the day.

While he still has occasional practice sessions, as soon as I bring out the video camera, he seems to lose focus and sometimes will stop practicing.

Perhaps he doesn’t like the attention, but I hope he will soon get back to practicing as passionately as he did before.

His excitement and diligence in his practice sessions are what motivated me to begin this journey.

I plan on posting footage of him playing in the near future because as I mentioned above, he is still playing and making some progress, just more or less when the camera is not rolling.

Listening to him play really makes me happy, so I can only hope that he will continue on this journey and make significant progress.

I would love to continue sharing this journey with you and blessing you with his musical efforts.

Blessings to all of you and may God keep you and your loved ones covered in safety!…

Ps. I’ll leave you with a peek at one of his other hobbies which is “creating musical beats”. He likes doing this as much as he likes playing the piano.


Today’s practice went much like the previous practice. There was quite a bit of frustration as he messed up over and over again. “Why can’t I get this right!” he said.

But, we all know, as I said in an earlier post, this is a process that has to run its course. New equipment may also need to be part of this process. We’ll see…

His love and passion for music along with his quest for perfection are the driving forces that keep him practicing. So, I think he will stick with it.

However, I have to constantly remind him that all great accomplishments take time to be cultivated and to grow into what they are meant to be.

Meaning, before this guy can go on to conquer his quest for perfection, he must go through the frustrations of trial and error as he practices, just like everyone else who has ever become great at their art or craft.

I think he is so very talented because I watched him from the very beginning teaching himself to play. No music teacher, just himself and whatever learning tools he found.

He love for music extends beyond the piano, but we’ll focus on this for now.

I’ll keep you posted and hopefully will soon be able to post a session that he approves of.

Thank you for watching and sharing in these moments!

Musical Practice Woes…

Piano Practice – Post #2

A day of hopeful progress, but I think this little guy was somewhat anxious today. This is a work in progress.
So, I’m really excited to see how much better he will become!”

***Check Out The Video Below***

Even though this wasn’t a great practice session, I decided to share it with you anyway.

This one expresses the true meaning of practice with all its ups and downs when learning an art form. Perhaps his next session will be more satisfying to him.

Check out the sustain pedal below, He uses with his keyboard.

Thank you for watching!!!

A Gift from God…

A peaceful state of mind is so important. Just add a love for music and that’s exactly what you get!


This little guy in the photo above (taken 3 years ago) began teaching himself to play music as he is not very receptive to formal lessons.


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He taught himself the art of playing drums, got bored, then guitar, got bored, and most recently piano.

Although, I think piano is where he’ll stay. He’s definitely not the traditional student because he prefers to learn mostly by ear and studies various other ways that interest him.

He is not yet seasoned in his ability to play, so he has a bit of a road to travel before he becomes fluent in the art of music, but he has a natural talent, true love, and passion for it that most of us can only dream of, so he’ll get there eventually.

He is that guy who seems to explode with this never ending energy, but when he sits down to play it becomes all about the music.

I love watching him transform to this serene state when he begins to practice the piano.

I remember bringing home my guitar after having a few lessons of my own. I showed this little guy what I had learned and he took over from there.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I had just cultivated the seed of music that God had already planted in his spirit.

I believe his love for music was preordained by God because it was never forced and I never had to tell him to practice. That’s when you know it’s from God.

I’ve already watched him go from knowing absolutely nothing about music to where he is now, so I’m really excited about where he will go from here.

Together, we can watch his progress as he develops and gets better over time while he continues on this journey.

I hope you enjoyed his little practice session…

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I Am Thankful….

I was reflecting on all the things that have happened in the world recently.

So, I began feeling like everyone else is probably feeling, “Make It Stop!!!”

Then, I realized it could always be worse.  I decided to take a different approach in my thought process and be thankful.

I am Thankful for:

Jesus Christ who died for me that I may live

God’s favor

My life and health

My family and friends

My church family

Brothers and sisters in Christ

A clean and safe place to call home

The tough times that make me stronger

The freedom and opportunity to write on this blog

The readers who take the time to read my blog

I pray that things do get better in our world very soon and that everyone can go back to their normal lives, but this time with great appreciation.

We should treat our lives and freedoms with care and be thankful for them everyday.

Just something I was thinking about…

Coronavirus Go Away!…

I am sitting here wondering how all this happened.  Was it an accident or was it deliberate?

Some people are freaking out, while others are not batting an eye.

I see the price gougers, the fraudsters, the anxiety driven, the skeptics, the schemers, the conspiracy theorists, the realists, the liars, the opportunists, the hypocrites, and everything in between.

I found myself in this very well known store that will discard a great employee for little to no reason no matter how loyal they are, one strike you’re out, yet keep a useless one for what seems to a customer to be a major problem.

Office politics was never my strong suit.  In fact, I despise it.  Those who play office politics should be forced to be on the receiving end just for a day.  So they can reflect on their own losses rather than someone else’s.

So you say we must wear masks in your store for protection and we must stand 6 feet apart from our fellow shopper.  I believe the virus is real and can be extremely dangerous to a lot of people, but all these rules of conformity are a bunch of tactics designed to get more control than they deserve.  There are too many double standards.

One particular reason I say this is because your employee who is assigned to do her part and keep the checkout areas clear of possible “viral” contamination from previous customers, actually fails miserably at this simple task because she’s too busy chatting while others stand and wait for her to get off her lazy behind and do her job.

So, she says, with a smile, “It’s ok, you can go ahead”, knowing good and well she has not done her job sanitizing the area.  Does management appear to be concerned about this?  Absolutely NOT.  At least not from where I was looking.

So lets just say for argument’s sake that your last customer does in fact have the virus and you sent an unsuspecting customer there thinking the coast is clear.  Shame on you!

How dare you demand that I follow the rules when you yourself as a reputable establishment won’t demand that your employees follow the most important ones.

Double standards are so excessive in this world we live in because people will stand and watch to make sure you do what is expected of you, but when its their turn, it’s as if they forget about their moral responsibility.

In my opinion, a lot of this is just some sick twisted attempt at control anyway that appears to be designed to line the pockets of those in positions of power.  Meanwhile, those of us who are just trying to keep it together in this society are falling victim of this struggle for power between the selfish and the greedy.

I pray that God will calm the storm in this situation and make the great deceivers who work for the enemy to just stop and let us be normal again.

Normal is a relative term, so whatever your definition of normal was before this all started, I’d like for us to go back to that place and maybe with some moral improvements.  At least, I’d like to have the people without fear from all the exaggerated rumors.

Who must we believe?

I scratch my head on this question because we may never know the whole truth,  But, I do know that God always reveals the truth and it may not be in our time but it will definitely be at the right time.

A wise man told me just today that fear and faith cannot go hand in hand.   In other words, how can you say you have faith if you are living in fear.

Now, I am in no way saying that one should not take precautions or be concerned, so lets be smart about it.  You don’t go blindly in harms way if it’s right there in front of you, but the desperate anticipation and fear of what may never happen is exhausting!

You must keep one and get rid of the other or you will bring forth unnecessary worry and problems in your life.  Ask me. Once upon a time fear and worry were my best friends! But then I found faith in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ .

Just something to think about…