Some Things, Never Forgotten….

I just stopped in to chat a little

As I am taking this bible class, the Instructor talks about sin and how the enemy will present to us some of the most deadly sins as solutions to our problems.

He brought up the topic of abortion. This kind of sin can seem so desperately innocent for a scared and hurting woman who needs a way out of her situation.

He mentioned how a confused woman can be mislead into killing an unborn child that was created inside her body. The bible tells us “Thou shalt not kill”.

There was this young woman who one day found herself in a situation that was forced upon her. She was violated by a neighbor whom she thought was a trusted and gentlemanly person because that was the character he had portrayed to her and the other neighbors.

A few weeks after that horrible incident, This young woman began experiencing morning sickness and later confirmed that she was pregnant. She was terrified! So, naturally, she imagined all sorts of horrible outcomes to this new found dilemma.

It was so much more than a mere dilemma. This was life altering because the decisions she made would change her life forever and it’s something that she would live with for the rest of her life.

The worst part of it was that during the time that this happened to her, she had completely given up dating and had taken a vow of abstinence until she was married.

So you can imagine how devastating that had to be for the young woman. She was tricked into trusting, and then violated, only to be left with the burden of dealing with the consequences of someone else’s evil crime all by herself.

This scared young woman didn’t know how to handle her situation all alone. She thought that her only option was to get an abortion. So, she sought help from a co-worker who was disguised as a friend.

This co-worker/friend was to hold her hand through the abortion process. However, when the time came for the young lady to suffer through this horrific experience, her friend was a no show.

It was fear that led this young woman to make the decision to abort. She began to have nightmares night after night after night for several months after the abortion. She would never forget what she did and would forever regret it.

She learned the hard lesson that you had better be prepared for the aftermath of this type of decision because you can’t go back to reverse the abortion and bring that baby back.

The worst of it is that some years later, this young woman had heartbreaking miscarriages after trying to conceive when she wanted to have children. She would forever weep over this decision because her struggles to have a baby were a constant reminder of what she had done.

Some things are never forgotten…

It’s Been A While…

I haven’t shared my thoughts in quite a while,

and I’ve certainly missed being able to stop by,

even if for just a moment as I am doing right now.

Sometimes life takes us through a few twists and turns,

but we eventually end up back where we belong.

I wanted to share some soothing sounds that

I began to listen to as my day came to an end.

I hope you enjoy this calming beat as much as I did.

Until next time….

Clean To The Music :-)

This beat reminds me of house cleaning music.

It took me way back to the good old days,

My mom and I would get up on Saturday,

We would clean every room in the house.

I’d turn on my favorite upbeat music and,

Just let the music and cleaning take me away.

I’d dance a little, then clean a little

By the time I was done dancing to my songs,

I’d look around and the house was spotless.

I loved to dance during my younger years,

So the music made cleaning more fun.

This beat put a huge smile on my face and,

Reminded me of some really special moments.

Makes me want to get up and clean right now. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this one…

Blessings to you!


Pray and ask God…

Lately, I’ve listened to sermons that express

the importance of asking God for what we want

and what we need, even though he already knows.

Specifically, “We have not because we ask not“.

The verses can be found in James 4:2-3

I was thinking; either it’s purely coincidence

that I’ve recently come across multiple pastors

preaching about this exact same thing

Or perhaps there’s a message in this for me.

Even though I am truly blessed everyday I wake up,

there are still things that make me weary and

that I would like my heavenly father to make better.

For instance, I pray for peace, I pray

for my purpose to be revealed, I pray for my family.

Great is Thy Faithfulness Christian Worship Hymn by Thomas Chisholm. Classic Christian worship hymn extolling God's faithful dealings with his people by Thomas royalty free stock photos

I’ve prayed for specific breakthroughs in my life,

However, I have not fervently prayed, fasted,

and meditated simultaneously, as I should have.

As these pastors quote the word of God, they say

We must pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

The thing I find interesting is that if someone asks

me for prayer, I’ll stop what I’m doing to pray for

them but in my very own back yard, I go lacking.

Some of us are strong enough to continue

on our prayer journey without interruption.

While some of us get weary, which causes 

that fire inside to temporarily fizzle out.

Some days, I wake up with every intention of

spending the first hour of my day with God,

But then I get distracted by one small thing,

So, I say I’ll take care of it real quick and

then get back in my prayer closet and finish

my prayer session, but that one thing,

turns into two, then three, until I look up

and the day is over and I realize that I’ve

given God very little of my time. if any

Even though I talk to him every moment of

every day, its still not the same.

When you don’t set aside quality time for God,

the day doesn’t run as smoothly as it should.

I remember a time when I wouldn’t begin my day,

until I spent a minimum of 2 hours with God 

just praying, reading the word, and talking to him.

When I didn’t, I noticed that my day seemed off.

If you currently do not spend that much

needed time in prayer , please do so.

Ask God for what you want, and what you need.

I am well aware, as I am sure we all are that

just because you ask God for certain things,

It doesn’t mean that you will always get them.

But express to him just how much you count on him

for everything, then be patient and wait on the Lord.

You might get a yes. 

If not, then it wasn’t his will for your life,

But know that you are still blessed…

Just Relaxing To The Beat…

Here’s the beauty of being able to produce your own beats…

When you’re in the mood for a particular sound,

You can just make your own and customize it,

To suit your unique taste for music.

The real satisfaction is in the finished product.

Doing something you love, how great is that!

He seems to enjoy every moment of producing his beats.

I’ve enjoyed listening to this one,

I hope you’ve enjoyed it too.

Thank you for stopping by to share this with me…

Just a little reminder for us all…

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart;

and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him,

and he shall direct thy paths.”

Proverbs 3:5-6

Religious Christmas Background Stock Photos, Pictures ...

I thought I’d share this passage for when you feel lost.

It gives me great comfort when I need it,

I hope it can calm any troubled waters you might have.

Blessings to you and thanks for stopping by…

“Add A Little Spice” Beat…

Listen to the beat as you read this post, and use your imagination…

This is a song I listen to when preparing a delicious meal.

This beat speaks to me. Can you hear it? Does it speak to you?

So, I throw in a pinch of salt to one music drum,

A dash of lemon juice to another,

Followed by a hint of spice or whatever I’d like.

I continue to add other vital ingredients,

As the music drums mix and become a full beat.

I begin to mix the ingredients to this sound,

So, I’m enjoying this cool beat as I prepare the meal.

This beat carries me to the final execution of a tasty dish.

It turns my boring meal prep and execution,

Into a fun culinary venture,

With the expectation of a masterpiece.

Ok, maybe not a masterpiece,

As I don’t claim to be the best cook.

But when cooking with this beat in the background,

It sure feels like I am transformed into a culinary artist,

Even if only for a few moments.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this moment with me.

Blessings to you!

My Spiritual Spark of Rejuvenation…

I’m stopping by to share a moment with you.

I know I’ve been in and out, inconsistent,

Almost non-existent for a while now.

Showing up periodically and for that, I am truly sorry.

For readers who might look forward to reading my post,

I’ll commit to share my thoughts once a week.

I’m on a path but my purpose is still not clear.

So, today I had an awakening that lit up my spirit.

I have everything that I need because God provides it to me,

Yet, at times I find myself feeling unfulfilled and alone,

Seemingly, watching each day pass without a real purpose.

I know these things aren’t true, I just have those moments,

As I image we all do sometimes because we are human.

While I don’t have all my wants fulfilled, I still am blessed.

Today I stumbled across this movie entitled “Selfie Dad” ,

Which seemed to be slow and really nothing special.

At first I thought it was just a comedy and that,

I could laugh a little after a very stressful day at work.

Then I thought, due to its content, cast and characters,

That it was a parody of “War Room” because of its similarities.

Gradually, as I watched it, I became engaged and realized,

This movie really was something special.

It used a subtle approach to introduce the word of God.

The movie also expressed how much God loves us.

It spoke to me in a such a calming manner that,

I really felt my Father’s love for me in that moment.

The movie’s ending sealed the message,

Was so uplifting because it spoke to me directly.

This song from the soundtrack had the same affect.

See Below: But keep reading after the song.

So very Inspirational!!!

In my opinion, God left his footprint right there for me to see,

Leaving me a message of calm and comfort that I’ve prayed for.

That message came from Psalms 16:11

“Thou wilt shew me the path of life:

in thy presence is fulness of joy;

at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”

The lyrics “I’m right Here” from the song also revived me.

Many years have past and I still don’t know my purpose

I go through moments where I think I know it,

Only to find myself stuck in limbo.

I don’t know why my purpose is not yet clear to me,

One thing I do know for sure,

I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now.

However stagnant life may seem from a worldly point of view.

Always trust God to guide you to your intended purpose,

You may just have to wait a little longer, as I have.

Maybe there’s a lesson or two that needs to be learned first.

I know that I will settle into my purpose in God’s time.

Hopefully, you were as inspired as I was.

Remember to watch the movie to the very end,

You’ll see the spiritual sparks,

At least I hope so….