Farewell 2022, Outro Beat…

I wanted to personally say farewell to 2022,

Because much like 2021, It will be etched,

In our minds for many years to come!

Sorry I haven’t chatted with you in a while,

But this past year came with mountains of

baggage from 2021 and a new set of rules,

Which brought about many new challenges.

Challenges that I never thought I’d ever see,

In my lifetime. Yet, here we are!

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you because

I would imagine that 2022’s challenges were

Simply a continuation of 2021 for you as well.

Hurricane Ian, for instance, came with a

Vengeance and wrecked so many precious lives,

As if Covid didn’t do enough damage.

So, It is my prayer that each one of us is,

Highly Favored and Blessed Beyond Measure,

With a wonderful New Year in 2023 and may it continue,

To be a year of new beginnings full of Positivity,

Love, Peace, Healing, and Happiness.

Blessings to you and Happy New Year!!!

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