Some Things, Never Forgotten….

I just stopped in to chat a little

As I am taking this bible class, the Instructor talks about sin and how the enemy will present to us some of the most deadly sins as solutions to our problems.

He brought up the topic of abortion. This kind of sin can seem so desperately innocent for a scared and hurting woman who needs a way out of her situation.

He mentioned how a confused woman can be mislead into killing an unborn child that was created inside her body. The bible tells us “Thou shalt not kill”.

There was this young woman who one day found herself in a situation that was forced upon her. She was violated by a neighbor whom she thought was a trusted and gentlemanly person because that was the character he had portrayed to her and the other neighbors.

A few weeks after that horrible incident, This young woman began experiencing morning sickness and later confirmed that she was pregnant. She was terrified! So, naturally, she imagined all sorts of horrible outcomes to this new found dilemma.

It was so much more than a mere dilemma. This was life altering because the decisions she made would change her life forever and it’s something that she would live with for the rest of her life.

The worst part of it was that during the time that this happened to her, she had completely given up dating and had taken a vow of abstinence until she was married.

So you can imagine how devastating that had to be for the young woman. She was tricked into trusting, and then violated, only to be left with the burden of dealing with the consequences of someone else’s evil crime all by herself.

This scared young woman didn’t know how to handle her situation all alone. She thought that her only option was to get an abortion. So, she sought help from a co-worker who was disguised as a friend.

This co-worker/friend was to hold her hand through the abortion process. However, when the time came for the young lady to suffer through this horrific experience, her friend was a no show.

It was fear that led this young woman to make the decision to abort. She began to have nightmares night after night after night for several months after the abortion. She would never forget what she did and would forever regret it.

She learned the hard lesson that you had better be prepared for the aftermath of this type of decision because you can’t go back to reverse the abortion and bring that baby back.

The worst of it is that some years later, this young woman had heartbreaking miscarriages after trying to conceive when she wanted to have children. She would forever weep over this decision because her struggles to have a baby were a constant reminder of what she had done.

Some things are never forgotten…

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