Pray and ask God…

Lately, I’ve listened to sermons that express

the importance of asking God for what we want

and what we need, even though he already knows.

Specifically, “We have not because we ask not“.

The verses can be found in James 4:2-3

I was thinking; either it’s purely coincidence

that I’ve recently come across multiple pastors

preaching about this exact same thing

Or perhaps there’s a message in this for me.

Even though I am truly blessed everyday I wake up,

there are still things that make me weary and

that I would like my heavenly father to make better.

For instance, I pray for peace, I pray

for my purpose to be revealed, I pray for my family.

Great is Thy Faithfulness Christian Worship Hymn by Thomas Chisholm. Classic Christian worship hymn extolling God's faithful dealings with his people by Thomas royalty free stock photos

I’ve prayed for specific breakthroughs in my life,

However, I have not fervently prayed, fasted,

and meditated simultaneously, as I should have.

As these pastors quote the word of God, they say

We must pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

The thing I find interesting is that if someone asks

me for prayer, I’ll stop what I’m doing to pray for

them but in my very own back yard, I go lacking.

Some of us are strong enough to continue

on our prayer journey without interruption.

While some of us get weary, which causes 

that fire inside to temporarily fizzle out.

Some days, I wake up with every intention of

spending the first hour of my day with God,

But then I get distracted by one small thing,

So, I say I’ll take care of it real quick and

then get back in my prayer closet and finish

my prayer session, but that one thing,

turns into two, then three, until I look up

and the day is over and I realize that I’ve

given God very little of my time. if any

Even though I talk to him every moment of

every day, its still not the same.

When you don’t set aside quality time for God,

the day doesn’t run as smoothly as it should.

I remember a time when I wouldn’t begin my day,

until I spent a minimum of 2 hours with God 

just praying, reading the word, and talking to him.

When I didn’t, I noticed that my day seemed off.

If you currently do not spend that much

needed time in prayer , please do so.

Ask God for what you want, and what you need.

I am well aware, as I am sure we all are that

just because you ask God for certain things,

It doesn’t mean that you will always get them.

But express to him just how much you count on him

for everything, then be patient and wait on the Lord.

You might get a yes. 

If not, then it wasn’t his will for your life,

But know that you are still blessed…

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