My Thoughts…

I felt compelled to stop in for a minute to share my thoughts.

I am truly saddened by the events of our world and where we are headed. Our children’s minds are becoming poisoned by the demonic influences of this world.

You think you have your children shielded from the subliminal and the openly offensive messages of the devil, but you don’t because the demonic entities manage to find a way to slither into our homes anyway. They come in the disguise of social media, entertainment, and news.

In most cases, the only thing we have left to fight with is the power of prayer to preserve our children’s mind and our families. We hope that with proper nurturing, prayer, and guidance, they will survive the atrocities of the world.

Those of us who’s minds are mature enough to wade through all the garbage can throw out that which is not truth, but our youth cannot distinguish truth from lies because they have no real foundation to base anything on other than the lies they are being fed. So they don’t get the opportunity to think for themselves.

They are being encouraged to make decisions about their lives at very young ages that no young child should ever have to make and the venomous adults, some even disguised as caring parents, are just leading them into destruction.

Our children are our future. It’s really frightening to know that these are the children we as adults will someday rely on to take care of us when we become elderly. It’s not the children’s faults because we are supposed to protect our children and lead them in the right direction.

I remember back in the day, when it took a village to raise a child, but the village has turned its backs on our children and now they use our children as prey to fulfill their own sick desires and agendas.

Their little minds are constantly absorbing this destructive information and taking it as good information, when its quite the opposite. This poison is being fed to our children so fast, that we as parents and role models have to work ten times as hard just to keep up and try to keep our children from being completely crippled mentally by all of this corruption.

It is a crying shame that this is all we have to offer them. The people who run this country should be ashamed of themselves for purposely destroying our children. You know who you are!

The good people who make it their purpose to save our country and our children and have been put in place and who have worked hard to make a difference, I applaud you for your efforts and am grateful to still have you in our corners. You know who you are!

We fight and fight and it sometimes becomes exhausting. But we keep fighting anyway and try our best to preserve our children’s minds and their innocence, at least, what’s left of it.

We must never give up on our children or our futures because I believe good will always prevail over evil but in God’s time.

Just something to think about…

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts…

  1. Sensing a lot of fear in your post. What about all the good that is coming from recent events. A young black woman read at the inaugural, two young men are dancing to unknown heights, etc. Maybe change the environment, nope. It’s an inner thing. What’s within, will show up on the outside. Happy Adventures.


    1. It’s not fear. It is a rude awakening partnered with intolerance. Its not an inner thing I am happy from within and I am secure in my faith. I’m just observing the world around me and the workings of the devil in the background using various people in power and merely calling them out knowing all the while that God and love will prevail in the end. It’s not black, It’s not white, It’s not brown or any other color. What is within me is a light that shines but even the light inside my spirit can be affected and express intolerance of evil when it becomes suffocating and arrogant.


  2. Did you know that because of all the garbage that is disguised as entertainment, i.e. sex, drugs, children being exploited via the television, I refuse to subscribe to cable tv. It is out of control. When television didn’t work, it spilled over into the internet and smart devices for our children to see, In the beginning I thought cell phones were meant for people to stay connected to their families and friends, but that’s not the case anymore. Our children don’t have to go seeking for trouble, it’s right there in front of them because it is delivered to them. Children become victimized by predators who make them mature beyond their years mentally and in some cases physically because of what they see through these platforms. So, these are the kinds of things that I speak of. The infestation of messages that our children see is astounding. I say all these things out of love but we need to wake up.


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