Today’s practice went much like the previous practice. There was quite a bit of frustration as he messed up over and over again. “Why can’t I get this right!” he said.

But, we all know, as I said in an earlier post, this is a process that has to run its course. New equipment may also need to be part of this process. We’ll see…

His love and passion for music along with his quest for perfection are the driving forces that keep him practicing. So, I think he will stick with it.

However, I have to constantly remind him that all great accomplishments take time to be cultivated and to grow into what they are meant to be.

Meaning, before this guy can go on to conquer his quest for perfection, he must go through the frustrations of trial and error as he practices, just like everyone else who has ever become great at their art or craft.

I think he is so very talented because I watched him from the very beginning teaching himself to play. No music teacher, just himself and whatever learning tools he found.

He love for music extends beyond the piano, but we’ll focus on this for now.

I’ll keep you posted and hopefully will soon be able to post a session that he approves of.

Thank you for watching and sharing in these moments!

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