I Am Thankful….

I was reflecting on all the things that have happened in the world recently.

So, I began feeling like everyone else is probably feeling, “Make It Stop!!!”

Then, I realized it could always be worse.  I decided to take a different approach in my thought process and be thankful.

I am Thankful for:

Jesus Christ who died for me that I may live

God’s favor

My life and health

My family and friends

My church family

Brothers and sisters in Christ

A clean and safe place to call home

The tough times that make me stronger

The freedom and opportunity to write on this blog

The readers who take the time to read my blog

I pray that things do get better in our world very soon and that everyone can go back to their normal lives, but this time with great appreciation.

We should treat our lives and freedoms with care and be thankful for them everyday.

Just something I was thinking about…

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