Coronavirus Go Away!…

I am sitting here wondering how all this happened.  Was it an accident or was it deliberate?

Some people are freaking out, while others are not batting an eye.

I see the price gougers, the fraudsters, the anxiety driven, the skeptics, the schemers, the conspiracy theorists, the realists, the liars, the opportunists, the hypocrites, and everything in between.

I found myself in this very well known store that will discard a great employee for little to no reason no matter how loyal they are, one strike you’re out, yet keep a useless one for what seems to a customer to be a major problem.

Office politics was never my strong suit.  In fact, I despise it.  Those who play office politics should be forced to be on the receiving end just for a day.  So they can reflect on their own losses rather than someone else’s.

So you say we must wear masks in your store for protection and we must stand 6 feet apart from our fellow shopper.  I believe the virus is real and can be extremely dangerous to a lot of people, but all these rules of conformity are a bunch of tactics designed to get more control than they deserve.  There are too many double standards.

One particular reason I say this is because your employee who is assigned to do her part and keep the checkout areas clear of possible “viral” contamination from previous customers, actually fails miserably at this simple task because she’s too busy chatting while others stand and wait for her to get off her lazy behind and do her job.

So, she says, with a smile, “It’s ok, you can go ahead”, knowing good and well she has not done her job sanitizing the area.  Does management appear to be concerned about this?  Absolutely NOT.  At least not from where I was looking.

So lets just say for argument’s sake that your last customer does in fact have the virus and you sent an unsuspecting customer there thinking the coast is clear.  Shame on you!

How dare you demand that I follow the rules when you yourself as a reputable establishment won’t demand that your employees follow the most important ones.

Double standards are so excessive in this world we live in because people will stand and watch to make sure you do what is expected of you, but when its their turn, it’s as if they forget about their moral responsibility.

In my opinion, a lot of this is just some sick twisted attempt at control anyway that appears to be designed to line the pockets of those in positions of power.  Meanwhile, those of us who are just trying to keep it together in this society are falling victim of this struggle for power between the selfish and the greedy.

I pray that God will calm the storm in this situation and make the great deceivers who work for the enemy to just stop and let us be normal again.

Normal is a relative term, so whatever your definition of normal was before this all started, I’d like for us to go back to that place and maybe with some moral improvements.  At least, I’d like to have the people without fear from all the exaggerated rumors.

Who must we believe?

I scratch my head on this question because we may never know the whole truth,  But, I do know that God always reveals the truth and it may not be in our time but it will definitely be at the right time.

A wise man told me just today that fear and faith cannot go hand in hand.   In other words, how can you say you have faith if you are living in fear.

Now, I am in no way saying that one should not take precautions or be concerned, so lets be smart about it.  You don’t go blindly in harms way if it’s right there in front of you, but the desperate anticipation and fear of what may never happen is exhausting!

You must keep one and get rid of the other or you will bring forth unnecessary worry and problems in your life.  Ask me. Once upon a time fear and worry were my best friends! But then I found faith in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ .

Just something to think about…

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