Monster of my dreams…

Monster Of My Dreams

Imagine living a sheltered life,

A pretty cool childhood experience, right?

Feeling safe, loved, and protected by your father,

In my case, my stepdad who was my everything.

Seclusion from the ugly world around me,

Afforded me fairy tales of happiness to come.

I’d marry the man of my dreams,

He’d treat me like a princess,

Just like my father did.

This is every girl’s fairytale.

One day, you meet the man of your dreams.

You’re sixteen and you don’t know any better.

Oh, you think you do, but you don’t.

This man of your dreams,

Is really the monster of your dreams.

Not the kind that hides in your closet,

Or under your bed and comes out at night.

He’s the kind that hides,

In plain sight, In daylight.

Allowing you and your loved ones,

To only see that which he wants you to see,

That is, until he gets you all to himself,

Then, the true monster is revealed.

Imagine you being too afraid

To say anything to your parents

Finally, when you do,

The monster manipulates your family

Into believing he’s anything but a monster.

He lies to them and says,

Awww, she’s just being silly,

As he laughs ever so sweetly.

Meanwhile, behind closed doors,

You are faced with your reality,

This monster shows his ugly face.

He is far from sweet,

Certainly not your Prince Charming.

Your fairytale is bittersweet at best.

This story lasts for a little while until,

One day this girl decides to stop the cycle.

Although, life’s consequences followed,

This girl dodged a bullet, so to speak.

Perhaps not a real bullet,

One never knows what a monster will do.

If you’re ever in the company of a monster,

Don’t be scared into staying and weighing your odds.

Remove yourself as quickly and as safely as possible

After all, a 6 foot 250lb monster,

Is probably afraid of his own inner monsters.

So he lashes out and causes harm,

To the one he is supposed to protect.

I never liked playing the odds,

Someone always has to lose,

It shouldn’t be you!

Just something to think about…

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