My second poem…

My eyes light up when I smile,

My eyes close real tight when I cry!

I mostly see my smile because I am mostly happy.

My personality and drive is that of a fighter,

A fighter who never gives up.

I know I am in good hands because God sustains me.

If you look in the mirror long enough,

You just might see a reflection of me.

Aren’t we really the same when you look close up?

I see myself in you and you in me.

We all strive for the same things,

At least most of us do. Even our desires are similar.

We seek true love, happiness, and good health,

Wealth, family, and friends are important to us.

Some of us seek eternal life, but some of us don’t.

We are all connected in this great big world,

Some of us know it, but sadly some of us think we are alone.

Well, you are not alone!

But you have to open up so I can see you,

The real you, the vulnerable you, the sad you, the happy you.

When you pass that elderly person on the street,

You could be looking at yourself years down the road.

When you cross paths with that teenager who might be lost,

Perhaps that teenager was you many years ago.

When you smile your eyes light up,

When you cry your eyes close real tight.

We are all connected…




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