Always stay prayed up…

Recently, I learned that it is so very important to stay prayed up no matter how good life seems to be going.  If you don’t, you leave yourself open for the enemy to sneak in and throw a monkey wrench in your day.

Your inner joy can never be taken away because God gives it you by way of the holy spirit, but things can get thrown off quite a bit if you’re caught off guard and that can be disturbing for a while until you are able to process it properly.

I had a Great Christmas Day and a Very Happy New Year!  It was kind, quiet, peaceful, and pleasant.  I was able to rest a little before I started my day.  So, everything was really nice.

I was pretty hopeful that the new year would bring many blessings for my family and me.  I still am very excited and hopeful about what great things this new year has in store for me, but was saddened by a few twists and turns days after my peaceful and happy moments.

Life is still good and I am blessed beyond measure, but with a few unexpected eye openers that I would rather not have had the displeasure of experiencing.  Things that I wish I could turn back the clock and have things back the way they were, maybe even better, if that makes any sense.

But that’s life, I guess.  Sometimes life will throw you a curve ball.

What do you do with that curve ball?  You keep praying, try to express as much love to those who need it and wait for the next one to come and hope it lands where its supposed to.

As far as those things which sadden me, I know that God will fix everything and put it all back together again the way it was meant to be.

Moving forward, I won’t take any opportunities to pray for granted, and neither should you, because when the enemy can’t get to you directly, he’ll try to find ugly and nasty old ways to get to you through the people you hold so near and dear to your heart.

So, never ignore opportunities for prayer because you’re too busy or too tired.

Make time to pray everyday!  Pray for yourself, your loved ones, your friends, really everyone, because we’re all in this together.

Just something to think about…

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