God’s special way of communicating…

Funny thing happened to me this morning.

So, I had decided last night that I would not be attending Sunday morning church service because of my late work schedule and the fact that I have an exam, a quiz, and a final to study for, all which are due NOW and over the next 11  days.

My story began when I woke up this morning from a strange dream.  Usually, when I have a disturbing dream, I typically will get on my knees and pray and talk to God about it for comfort.

After I finished praying about the dream, I started to develop a conscious about not going to worship service.  Now, I know that you don’t have to go to church to serve and worship God, but it does help to keep me grounded and focused on God.

Just the idea of being around like minded people and sharing God’s word and all of the teachings that come out of attending service helps me.

So, I said to God, “You know, I really don’t feel like going to service today, but if you want me to go, just let me know and I’ll go.”

God has many unique ways of speaking to us because shortly after that, I picked up my phone, unlocked it, and there was the navigation directions to the church and the word “Go”.  I was floored by this for a minute.

Then, I thought that maybe I had somehow prompted this by something I said and Siri heard it, but during my prayer time my phone was not in the vicinity of my voice so that couldn’t have happened.

Furthermore, I certainly did not say “Navigate to” my church because I don’t need directions to get there.  So, there is no way it just happened for no particular reason.  Things like this are what I call signs and wonders from God.

I guess that meant that he wanted me to get my behind up and attend church service because there is no other explanation for this.

Of course, some might say, coincidence, but I’ve seen coincidental happenings and this was not one of them.

Needless to say, I got up, took a bath, and found myself in Sunday morning service.  It’s a good thing I went because the message was about spiritual death and resurrection, which is thought of as spiritual disconnect from and re-connection with God.

That is something I do struggle with in my day to day frustrations.  Lately and seemingly frequently, I will feel a disconnect and I say to him, “I need to feel the spiritual connection, so please lead me back to the place where I feel connected with you again.”

It does not mean that God is not right there with me.  It just means, for me at least, that I am so bombarded with the day to day worldly distractions, that I cannot feel his presence or hear what he might be trying to tell me at that point and time in my life.

Well, he certainly made it clear this morning.  God’s remedy for all of our confusion is to get our attention, and speak to us however he sees fit and that is what he did today.

So, today and in this moment, I do feel a spiritual connection to my father God.  It was clearly shown to me in the message from the sermon today.

Do you feel a connection with God?

Just something to think about…

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