Understanding My Purpose…

I sit here in my chair this very moment and wonder, “Just what is my purpose?”.  I say that because I’ve been on the path to a nursing career for quite a while now.  However, for some reason, there have been numerous stumbling blocks in my path.

The most recent disappointment was when I missed the deadline to apply to nursing school.  I was so very devastated when I realized I had waited too long and could not move forward.

Prior to missing this most recent application deadline, I had applied the previous semester but was not accepted because I needed to finish one more class.

Technically, I had completed all the required courses to qualify me for acceptance.  However, since there were hundreds of applications and only a fraction of seats available, they had to give first options to students who had completed all the prerequisites.

I had completed all but one. Under normal circumstances, this particular class would not have prevented my acceptance because it could be taken post nursing school.  However it would’ve bettered my chances for acceptance.

So, you can imagine how so very excited I must’ve been to finally have all my classes completed!  I could not wait to apply!!!

Wouldn’t you know it, that important moment that I had waited an entire semester for, just slipped right through my fingers. A few days after I was done crying my many tears over it, I came to realize that, apparently, it wasn’t supposed to happen yet.

I constantly have to remind myself that what is for me is for me and no adversarial spirit or being can get in the way of what God has for my life.

It also got me to thinking that there is a reason for these setbacks.  So it makes me want to stop and reassess my situation to see if I am, in fact, on the right path that God has prepared for me, or is this just a path that I’ve imagined for myself.

While I do not truly understand my intended path, I do understand that my purpose is to praise God, spread love, change hearts, and strengthen the faith of those I encounter in this difficult world we live in.  Whether its by phone or face to face, I believe I am making a difference.

The part I am not clear about is how.  Where is God going to place me to serve my purpose the most.

Will it be through a permanent career, other than nursing, that he will use me?  Will it be various temporary situations where I get to serve in a variety of ways?  Will I finally finish on the path that I started? What will it be?

Only time and a lot of hard work will tell.  So, I am still pushing forward and doing everything I am supposed to do to lead me to my purpose.

Past that, I can only wait on God to give me clarity by revealing it to me, opening the right doors, and bringing me into my purpose.

I can imagine there are a lot of you out there who feel the same way as I do.  You haven’t quite got your finger on the exact path you are supposed to take.  So, you and I can go on our journeys together, gradually changing lives a little bit as we grow in our purpose.

Then, there are those of you who already have the clarity of your paths and purposes and are headed there full speed ahead.

Finally, there are many of you who are actually living in your purpose and changing so many lives through God’s grace and blessings.

Do you understand your path and know your purpose?

Just something to think about…

2 thoughts on “Understanding My Purpose…

  1. Hey love, just wanted you to know that I am extremely proud of you and your accomplishments just know this is just a minor setback to the setup for what God has for you. Like you said, what’s for you is for you and no one or nothing can take that away from you. I love you and keep pushing and never give up. I’m adding my email so please email me, because I’m currently out of the country.


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