Whats your special prayer?….

Sometimes, I find myself praying for:

A spouse who will love God as I do, if not more

One who will find joy in the same things as I do

His face will light up when I walk in the room

He will be an emotionally strong and healthy gentleman

He will be handsome with just the right amount of charm

I want him to possess a kind, caring, and loving heart and spirit

Be a strong man and not be afraid to express his deepest feelings

He will always put my best interests before his own

He will look forward to spending quality family time

He must always show me loyalty, honesty, and commitment

He will be respectful and will love me and my children

Possess a funny playful nature but know when to be serious

He will help me grow, rather than break me down

He will be humble enough to admit his flaws, yet confident enough to know his worth

He will appreciate the simple things in life and will be grateful for the big things

He will be able to put a smile on my face with little to no effort

He will have self control and not succumb to destructive habitual behavior

He will be a leader, but will not be afraid to follow if the situation requires it

He will be a good communicator and an active listener

He will be by my side through the good and bad times

Finally, but most importantly, He will continue to grow in Christ and,

Be able to encourage my growth and strengthen me.

Just something I was thinking about…

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