Are You Only As Good As Your Last Performance?…

I had written this at a time in my life when I felt unappreciated, but I never posted it.  Today, I felt the need to post it for someone out there who might be feeling this way so you understand what really matters.

In a perfect world, the essence of your past accomplishments would linger throughout the duration of your working and personal relationships.  But the reality in our society today seems to be that we are only as good as our last performance.

You see, the tables can turn so quickly and you won’t see it coming.  Although there are some exceptions, key qualities that one possesses such as dedication, hard work, determination, great effort, and putting yourself out for the benefit of others don’t seem to matter as much in our society.

You work hard and show great dedication through your job performance, for instance.  During this time you are the best thing since ice cream.  But then, a storm sets in, and suddenly you’re no longer favored.  You learn that you were merely the flavor of the month.

It is my opinion that our society has become conditioned to disregard the good that you did last year.  We’ve adopted the constant need for instant gratification, so values have become warped, almost non-existent.

It’s interesting how selective memory sets in for some who express themselves in such a worldly fashion.  We are human, so some of us only see that which we want to see when it comes to recognition and dollars and “$ense”.

I remember during previous career paths, I would be on my feet over the course of a 10 hour day, working so diligently to serve a need, and I would get oh so many compliments from the “powers that be”.

“Great Job” or “You’re one of my best girls” would be the words that I would hear in the heat of the moment after I’ve just solved a great crisis by accomplishing the impossible for a particular health need.  In fact, it was some of my most respected MD’s that I got multiple open compliments from, as well as their patients as I took care of their needs.

You see, I put extra care into my works to make things happen for them.

Yet, when it came time for the review and monetary adjustments, all of a sudden minor faults were compiled into one great big short coming and came to the forefront to justify the bad news, and all the hard work and dedication sort of faded in the background as if it never even happened.  I had never felt more betrayed because they turned their backs on me when I needed them to have it.

I never did understand this.  As I got older, I came to the conclusion that most of us are only as good as our last performance.

Over the years of seeing this in my life and the lives of others, I’ve learned that we should never desire praise from man.  Rather, we should desire to please God so that he will delight in us. “For they loved praise from men more than praise from God” (John 12:43)

That monetary raise or that pat on the back that you long for is much more fulfilling when it is received through God’s blessings so you must remember that it does not truly come from man, rather man is merely a vessel that God uses to bless you with these things.  He will give you all these things, and much more, that you seek from man.

In the time of your judgement (the end of your worldly existence), the rewards for your obedience and love for God and his word will be eternal life, because at that point, all your worldly accomplishments will be irrelevant.

Seek eternal life…

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