Be Thankful For The Little Things…

After “chatting” with a special new found friend, I found myself feeling grateful for the little things in my life.  Being so very grateful to my Father, God, is usually one of my strong suits, but I think I was focusing on the not so great happenings over the last few days that I forgot to remain thankful for that which I had not stopped to remember.

So thank you, for opening my eyes “today”.  I am blessed to be encouraged by you, my sister!

I am also thankful for all of my Great Christian Sisters that really have embraced me and my boys.

Some over the two decades that I’ve known them (whom I miss and love so dearly as life sometimes takes us on paths that may leave less time for sisterhood).  As well as some over the last year or so that have come into my life and been such a blessing to me.

You all know who you are! (smiling)

I see God’s hand in all of it, but it took God placing another one of his vessels in my path most recently for me to be reminded of that.

I mean, I’m always grateful, but it takes a little more oomph to recognize the little things.  Turns out the little things really make the biggest difference in our lives.

For instance, a simple smile, or special friends/sisters showing your boys just how special and important they are even when you can’t be there to do it. It means the world to us!

When you, as a parent are doing important things and building a solid foundation that will impact your children’s lives and future positively, but in doing so, come across those moments that you can’t physically be front and center for your boys, and your friends are there to bridge that gap, it’s that type of little thing that will impact everyone involved in that picture that I’ve just painted for you.

Even though on the surface, “its really no big deal”, especially for those impacting those important moments, or so it seems. 🙂

God is working in you!

Well, I’ve learned my lesson for today.  How about you?

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