Stay Prayed Up….The Weapon Of Choice

This week, I had fluctuating moments of great and not so great experiences.  Then, there were those down right mind boggling, dreadful domino effect type moments that I’m sure we all experience from time to time.

Remember, how I shared with you recently that God made the impossible happen for me.  It was a big deal!!! Well, he does things like that mostly when I least expect it, which makes it all the more appreciated.  Some are big while others are small. Sometimes the little things have the most powerful impact for me.  But, there are also those times when things just go very wrong.

While being careful not to be a downer, I have to share with you that we must always stay prayed up and never ever let our guards down because just as our Father is always there to pick us up, show us favor, or just bless us when we least expect it, the enemy is always lurking around to seek whom he may devour by doing everything in reverse of what God does.

I constantly have to remind myself that “No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper”, taken from Isiah 54:17.

I say that because I’m in a delicate situation in my life’s path right now. I have to stay at a perfect happy medium.  Can’t go too far left, and can’t go too far right. Constantly in search of that perfect balance for it to be acceptable.

It reminds me of someone having this unfinished drawing before them and they’re trying their best to color it in perfectly with a magic maker, but its not easy.  You’ve got a variety of shapes within that drawing, so you have to really focus on what you’re doing, or you’ll mess it up.

You have to stay right between those lines, but you try try, yet you sometimes color past them. So, there goes your would be perfect masterpiece, but only if you could’ve avoided coloring outside those lines.  It can be a real challenge sometimes.

So, I experience that constant feeling that one unusual mishap can land me right back to square one.  Some would say that’s lack of faith but I’ve seen a life change literally at a moment’s notice. So it’s kind of nerve wracking to never really know when things could change. I guess that’s really just life in general, though.

I keep God very close to my heart, I talk to him and praise him every single day,  but once in a while I slack off from my prayers and bible studies.  It seems like during those times, when I am my most tired self and I just want to lie down and do absolutely nothing after working a full day (including skipping that intimate moment of prayer), unforeseeable “out of the ordinary” things seem to occur.

When those things happen, I think to myself, “that’s just the enemy trying to attack me at my most vulnerable moment”, but I know that the enemy has no power unless I give it to him and I certainly am not doing that!

Other times, I think “Maybe God’s giving me that little nudge and allowing things to get off course to say “Hey, don’t forget about me,  I’m still here”.  I really don’t know enough about the word yet to know for sure if he works exactly that way, but it sure feels like it sometimes because just like the blessings wow me, the mishaps get my attention too.

When that happens, where do I find myself?  On my knees and clinging to my Father more diligently once again, just like the little girl clings to her earthly father when something goes wrong.

Be more committed to prayer and learning the word.

This message is a reminder for me just as it is for any reader who might need it…



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