Just something that crossed my mind…

Several months ago, I watched a video of a very beautiful spirit expressing her flaws and sadness about those flaws.  I was really enlightened and moved by her courageous  honesty.  It was really refreshing to see someone so self-exposed and not ashamed to share with the world.

Now, you see a lot of that these days but more for publicity and to be “discovered”, but this one was different.  It was genuine, self healing, and honest.  She had no selfish agenda except to get it off her chest and perhaps to help someone who might be going through similar struggles, that they might be better equipped to deal with such a situation after hearing about hers.

I was moved by that because some people would say, “Be more private” because its better to keep certain things to yourself.  I do tend to agree with that in certain instances like when one is telling the world via social media what they had for dinner, or where they went shopping or what they bought on a specific day, along with every other minute by minute aspect of your being, but heart felt things are healthy shares because they could impact someone else’s life in a way that might make a world of difference to that person.  You never know.

Just something to think about…


Fun Fact:   In the cardiovascular system, which consists of your heart and blood vessels, your arteries carry blood away from your heart and your veins return the blood back to your heart.

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