Life….Trials, Triumphs, and Blessings

Life is such a beautiful thing!!!  It brings about trials, triumphs, and blessings, but not necessarily in that order.

To me, a trial is an unfavorable situation that God allows to help shape our lives and make us stronger and wiser.  A trail can help enable us to make better decisions along our journey to a more prosperous life.  They can also come along to get our attention and remind us that we are not running things.

I should know because at one time in my adult life I really did think that I was in complete control of my life.  It took many many years for me to realize how far from the truth that was.

Trials kept coming my way over the years, saying “Pay attention!!!”.  I still didn’t get it.  One day that light bulb came on and I finally realized that God is always in control.  It was not me, it was my father guiding me along the way.  (Phillilpians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”)

After the trials, come the triumphs and they can be very rewarding.  A triumph is a great victory or achievement.  You feel empowered.  But don’t let that fool you because even with the greatest triumph comes yet another trial.  So, you must remember to remain humble even after that mile high mountain that you’ve just climbed.  Or perhaps that long road of wisdom that you’ve just traveled.

Then comes the blessings after the triumph because you see the fruits of your prayers, hard work, and faith have paid off.  There is nothing better than realizing God’s blessing and favor after you’ve put your heart and soul into something that you know he intended for you all along.  Then you think to yourself, “Why did I ever doubt it for a minute”?

Yes, even the most faithful Christian can experience brief moments of doubt during trials, but it only lasts for a little while if we remain grounded in our faith.

Just something to think about…




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