Time Flies When You’re Having Fun…

Have you ever heard the expression “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun”?  Well, in my opinion, time just flies!

I remember those long summer days and weekends as a young girl and throughout high school when I lived out in the country.

I used to complain about those days.  It seemed like they would never end.  I would go for long walks through the dirt roads and berry bushes and I’d pick the berries off the vines and eat them just to pass the time.  I would have a tummy full of berries by the time I arrived home.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have those very long days back at my disposal.

Looking back, I didn’t appreciate the beauty of simply walking, thinking, and just really enjoying nature, because back then it was deemed loneliness.  At least, it was for me.

As I get older and wiser, I realize that being in the country is very thought provoking because its just you being one with nature and all the innocence that exists there.  I miss those days!

If anyone is reading this and has lived in the country back in my day, you know what I mean.

Modern life is full of so much hustle and bustle that you look around and the moment’s gone before it even started as time just whisks away.

However, we can make good use of the time we have by making every moment count.  Even if you’re just relaxing, let that be your special moment that matters most to you.

I imagine myself growing old, sitting, and relaxing with loved ones and just enjoying those special moments.  I think when you’re in those special moments, time seems to stand still.

So savor your special moments in time no matter how fast it is flying by around you.

Fun Facts:  “Mastication” is a fancy word for chewing and “Deglutition” is the act of swallowing.  So when you’re enjoying that juicy steak, this is what you are doing.

Just something to think about….

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