In Loving Memory of Yoda…

This Is Just A Photo Of Him Napping…

1117172001 (2)

I am dedicating this post to my precious Yoda.  A beautiful and loving Chihuahua, who passed away peacefully on Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

His owner (his mom), has been a precious dear friend of mine for many many years.  She was kind enough to grace my family with the pleasure of spending quality time with Yoda.  (You know who you are.)  We are glad we got to know and love him.

I wasn’t there when Yoda passed, so I think I’ll just envision him still alive and well because I really don’t want to believe that he is gone.  I can’t imagine how his mommy must feel.

May your prayers be with her and all of us who loved Yoda.  I pray that God will fill the void that has been created with his passing and bring us joy as we remember him.

Yoda wasn’t just any ordinary pet.  He was a very special Chihuahua.  He could be very serious at times and just wanted to be left alone to rest in his “Sun” spot by the window.


Other times, he was very playful and when he played with the boys, he possessed a sort of child-like personality.  For those special moments, he was just one of the boys.  It seemed as though he had experienced some form of humanism because that’s how he acted (smiling).

I remember Yoda coming to my bedroom while I was lying down and just standing there looking at me barking and wagging his tail.  Then, he would continue to look at me as he stepped one paw forward and then back again as if to say, “Get up, I’m hungry!” or “I need to go out!”

When his mom and he would visit, she would say “Yoda, show me”, and just like the smart pet he was, he would walk right to the door and wait for her to let him out or walk him to do his business.  He was really an amazing and smart pet!…

I remember the first time I took Yoda for a walk in my neighborhood.  He really enjoyed the walk, although I would decide to pick him up and carry him like he was my little baby part of the way back home.

After that first walk, he remembered it every time he came back to visit because he would walk right over to the door and just stare at me as he waited for me to take him out and walk him.  He would initiate our walk down that familiar path.  It seemed as though he was walking me (smiling) because Yoda knew exactly where he was headed.

Yoda was very sweet and loved to lick you on the face, arm, hand, and leg because that was his way of showing his love!

I remember spending time with him and although he was a dog, as I stated earlier, he had these human-like mannerisms.

Yoda lived to be a thriving 13 years old, I think that’s 91 dog years. He maintained his cute little baby face so you never would’ve guessed he was so mature.

Yoda, Memories of you and all the little quirky things you used to do will remain etched in all our hearts forever.

God must have needed little Yoda. Which reminds me of the animated movie, “All Dogs Go To Heaven”. I imagine Yoda is very happy there.

We Love You and Miss You, Yoda!


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