Integrity…A Very Important Asset

The word integrity stuck out like a sore thumb for me a few weeks ago due to a head-scratching moment that I had the displeasure of experiencing.

It appears that former career-related “worldly powers that be” were mislead into believing a very sophisticated untruth from a lower entity.  Do I dare try to clear the air?  Some say “Yes”, while others say “No, just let it go”.  Well, I’ll leave that up to my father, God, who is the true authority.  He knows just what to do.

Deceit is usually carried out for the purpose of sustaining one’s self in some way or another.  I often wonder how some can live in peace after so much deception.  Perhaps they can’t.

You see, even when it appears on the outside that someone has succeeded in their act of deception, they really haven’t because God knows their truth, so it’s only a matter of time before their transparency sets in.

I had been holding on to a working relationship which I had previously paused due to other responsibilities that needed my attention.

Well, I was later encouraged to rekindle the relationship by a person with a warped sense of authority and rather deep falsehood tendencies.

So, in a trusting manner, I made an attempt to do so, as was requested of me.  As it turned out, the opposition’s insincere asking was just a facade to get the opportunity to disappoint.  So, I wasted countless days going through the process of rekindling.

But you know the irony of it all was that after that door closed, another one opened up immediately.

The integrity deprived spirit that tried to cause me harm, unknowingly led me to this better situation because God intervened.

A sermon during my Sunday church service touched on this and pointed out that prayer can turn the enemy’s plan into God’s Glory. That’s exactly what happened!+

In conclusion, people can lose sight of their sense of integrity in this worldly environment that we live in.  We must do our very best to be more Christ-like on our life’s journey so that we can rest peacefully at night and feel good about who we are on the inside.

A valuable lesson learned with a pleasant twist…

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