A Moment of Rest…

In my previous post, I shared my Wow!!! moment.

Well, the “Wow” factor came and went rather quickly because, after that day, my efforts were put on hold due to a minor setback.  I was all excited about my venture and then it came to a screeching halt.

This screeching halt would delay my venture for a little over a week.  I believe this was God giving my mind, body, and spirit the “moment of rest” it needed because I had become riddled with exhaustion.

I believe that sometimes he plants us on our butts (buttocks) so that we can take a moment to breathe from the hustle and bustle that we put ourselves through when we’re pursuing something so attentively.  We forget to stop and rest.

I wasn’t too wild about my setback, but I realized that perhaps it wasn’t meant for me to put forth so much effort at that time.  I was keeping long hours trying to meet a deadline that I did not make.

When we want something so badly, it’s easy to misunderstand God’s will and exaggerate it until it suddenly becomes intermingled with our own will and then we lose sight of our purpose.

I say that because it felt like God had given me this blessing and then changed his mind after that “Wonderful Wow Moment”.  But I know better because God doesn’t work that way.  At least, that is my belief.  I just think that I went beyond God’s will and pushed the envelope a little too far.

So, after all that effort, I found myself right back where I started from.  Why?  I may never really know.  So, moving forward, I’ll just try to stay on a more guided path and see where it leads me.  …Another lesson learned.

Blessings to Everyone…

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