Wow!!!, Moment…

I had a “WOW” moment several days ago.

I was working on a project and was in a bit of a tiff over it because I just wasn’t sure if I should continue with it.  Was I wasting my time?

I had been praying about this for several weeks and by now I’m feeling a little mopey about the situation and was losing my motivation rather quickly.

When all of a sudden, something prompted me to go to the store right away to get what items I could because, without them, I was stumped and really could not go much further.

Reluctantly, I got up and went to the store.  I really didn’t feel like going anywhere and I had already invested a lot into this project.  But I went anyway.

As I was adding up the cost of the items, I realized I could only reasonably afford a fraction of what I needed.  Oh yes, this was going to cost me!!!

Although it wasn’t really a massive amount to some, it was based on “my” budget.

Wouldn’t you know it,  when I got there none of the items were there?  I thought to myself, “Oh my! What do I do now?”  The shelf was completely empty!!!  My initial thought was that maybe this isn’t what God wants for me, after all.

But I didn’t give up yet.  I asked the salesperson why the shelves were empty.  She said, “Oh, we clearanced these items out.”  I said, “Really?”, with a great big smile. “Somebody’s looking out for me,” I thought.

She sent me over to the bedding department.  When I got over there, I couldn’t find the items.  Almost gave up looking and something urged me to go ahead and ask someone in this department.

I waited for a few seconds and suddenly someone was free to assist me.  She told me this wasn’t her usual department but she’d be happy to help me find what I needed.  Her shift was just about over so she would be leaving the floor any minute.  Had I waited a minute longer, I would’ve missed her.

She took me over to the clearance aisle where they were. Wow!  I stood there in awe looking at what God had done for me!

After I began asking her about the prices, she told me she needed to be sure they were marked down correctly.

To my surprise, the items were even less than they were priced.  I waited as she marked down each item a second time.  This meant that the final markdown was more than half their original cost.

Even though her shift was basically over, she took her time to help me.  I knew this was God showing me his wonderful favor.  I told her that God put her there at that moment just for me.  She smiled.

I say that because most people would’ve pointed me within close proximity of the items and gone home.

My fascination wasn’t only that the items were there.  But, it was that strong urge to go when I did, the timing of everything else that followed, and the fact that they were marked down so low that I could actually get most of what I needed!

I believe that through this sweet and unexpected blessing, God was telling me that it was ok to proceed with my project.

I stood there in AWE because I couldn’t believe what had just happened!

So, sometimes it pays to move when you’re prompted!

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