Fulfilling Your Purpose…

I stumbled across this amazing video of Lisa Nichols.  She is a life coach and an amazing motivator.  She really got my attention.  So I wanted to share this gift with you.

Perhaps you are in a place where you need some motivation to light the fire in an area of your life.  Well, this video will get you going!

The key, however, is to keep yourself going once you get that first breath of life.

I don’t know about you, but I can speak for myself when I say that I am so overwhelmed with passions for some dreams that have been on my heart for years.  Some, I am currently pursuing and others I have yet to get the confidence to bring to life.

I want them to come into existence, but I am constantly at battle with myself due to self-doubt about my ability to successfully bring these passions to the forefront.  I also think that fear of the unknown plays a major role in all of these false feelings of inferiority when it comes to prospering one’s life.

Strangely enough, I am convinced that these passions were put on my spirit by God and I feel as though, to date, I have let him down because I have not yet used the tools that he gave me to turn these passions into blessings by bringing them into existence in my life.

How do I know it is God’s purpose for my life?  Well, it’s like a fire that burns in my spirit and it won’t go away.

It is a very familiar feeling of conviction and I’ll tell you why.

There were times in my past when I would feel God’s presence and I was so convicted to say or do something at that particular moment.  The conviction would not leave me until I was obedient.

I’ll never forget this one particular day when I  was obedient and it comforted this mother’s spirit.

Her young adult son had enlisted in the military pretty quickly after he graduated high school.  I think he might have been 18 or 19 years old, so that was her baby.

I remember sitting next to her and her family at church one Sunday morning and she seemed very sad.  In fact, she was sitting there quietly shedding tears.  She was my neighbor and we had become friends, so when I sat beside her and said hello, I knew something was wrong.

I asked her why she was sad and she told me that her baby had deployed and she was worried about him.  If my memory serves me correctly, he went to Irag for a short time.

Something came over me that was so strong until I became bothered by my reluctance to obey God.  I know now that it was the Holy Spirit. I got this strange desire to tell her “Don’t worry and please don’t be sad because your baby will be coming home.  He’s going to be ok”.

It took me a while to work up the nerve, but once I did that, the antsy feeling left me and she felt better.  In fact, she began smiling.. and yes, her son did eventually return home to his family safely.

You see, she was a believer who trusted God so she recognized that our moment was ordained by him.  She had just gotten stuck in her worldly understanding of her situation for a moment and forgot to trust God.  I do that often times myself but quickly put myself in check.

But my point is that God used me to comfort her during that tough moment in her life and I feel as though he is wanting me to be obedient in my own life right now.

That feeling at church reminded me of someone who has ‘ants in the pants and they need to dance”. (James Brown, old school)  Ok, a little humor to throw you off a bit.

But seriously, I had only felt that way a few times during that stage of my life, so I recognized what it was.  I was not as close to God as I am now but I still knew him.

The feeling I’ve been experiencing about God’s purpose for my life is mimicking the feeling I had at church that day.

So, take a moment and become encouraged to find and fulfill God’s true purpose for your life.  If you listen carefully and hear God’s calling on your life, it could have a profound impact on your life and those around you.

I plan to purchase this book to help motivate me on my path to fulfilling God’s will and purpose for my life.

Click on the image to purchase for yourself!

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