Redirection…What’s That All About?

I imagine that we’ve all been in situations where maybe a flight or traffic during a road trip was redirected for various reasons.  But what if your course in life is redirected?

I remember a particular job I had for about 5 years.  It was a very stressful position because some days I would feel so overwhelmed by the end of the day that it would take a couple of hours to brush off that run down feeling after I got home.  Yet, I was comfortable there.

You see, when you’re performing a job that is so involved where you are on the go almost immediately when you arrive it can put quite a strain on your body and your mind.

But you stick it out because you feel that if you don’t keep going someone might not get the care that they need.  I remember sticking it out because I believed that I could make a difference there since I cared about the people who needed me.  There was also a biweekly “reward” in the form of a reasonable salary, so it became my motivation to lay dormant in my “level of comfort”.

Then, one day, unexpected change came into the office by way of a person of a rather aggressive and conflicting spirit who unfortunately had the “worldly” position of power to stir the pot, and so she did.

Did you ever feel like you were hand-picked for sudden change?  I did.

I couldn’t understand it then, but I got to thinking about how events began to take place and I later came to the conclusion that the events had to take place for me to take a different course of action for my life.  Otherwise, I would still be there in the same situation because I had settled so deeply into my comfort zone.

Situations changed from very comfortable to suddenly unsure and unappealing to the point where I made a decision to leave.  This decision would change my life forever.  At first, it seemed like a big mistake, but as time passed, I realized that I had made the right decision.

I didn’t know what would come next but I had to do something because it became evident that I needed to create change.  So I did.

I’m on a much different path than I was then.  I would never have imagined this path and frankly never desired it until one day it became apparent to me that I should go in that direction.

Now the road to change never promises to be easy, but sometimes in order to progress in life, one has to take a leap of faith and do what is necessary to accommodate the situation that has crossed your path.  So, it can get pretty hairy at times.

There might be some very high moments and some very low moments on the travels to change.  During this process of change, however, it is important to stay on course as long as you know in your heart that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.

I think that God has a way of moving us out of situations by allowing a challenge to come to the forefront.  Otherwise, some of us might become stagnant and not allow the opportunity for what he wants us to do.

So, it is important to remember that when God closes one door in your life, he will open another one for you.

Just something to think about…



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