God Is Listening And Working In All Of Us…

I was graced with the confirmation that God is always listening even when we don’t feel that he is.  When times seem unbearable or uncertain, he is there with us.

It’s kind of ironic how even though God may allow me to touch someone’s heart through my beliefs and thoughts, they are, in fact, touching my life with what seems on the surface to be mere comments.  But you see, the comments are so much more than that!

You, the readers, may not realize it but every positive comment you send my way strengthens my faith in God and lets me know that he is working in the background and letting his light shine through all of us and we sort of pass that light around without even realizing it.

I sometimes wonder why his works don’t always seem so profound in my life, which is what brings doubt into my mind.  I do eventually come to my senses and realize that he doesn’t always have to speak to me or any of us in an eventful and remarkable sort of way.

Rather, the simple and subtle way in which God speaks to us can sometimes actually be the most powerful in our lives.  Because when we feel broken and defeated, he comes and gives us a second wind to help us keep going.

That second wind comes in all forms.  Positivity, a kind word, a simple smile, a good deed, a blessing in the form of a much-needed breakthrough, are just some of the ways that God replenishes us.

Have you ever been in a situation where you cross paths with a person and show an act of kindness, you smile, then they smile, and then you both go your separate ways?  Well, I imagine that they take that same smile and pass it on to someone else who crosses their path and so on.  I know I do.

I believe that God is showing his face to us and spreading his love when things like that happen.

Just something to think about…

4 thoughts on “God Is Listening And Working In All Of Us…

  1. Dear Francesca, you have a very warm and loving heart….another awesome message..thank you for giving me and your readers the inspiration, strength, and reminding us how our loving Father is always with us and carries us in the palm of his hand… Have a Blessed Day🦋

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