Remembering Loved Ones…

This is a short but special post about a man who impacted my childhood life and young adult life.  He was the center of my world.

My stepdad passed away on Father’s Day, 20 years ago (June 21, 1998).

He was only 52 years old when he passed. He was the unfortunate victim of lung and brain cancer said to have originated from smoking cigarettes mostly all his life.

I had moved away, but when I learned that he was ill, I went to him right away and stayed with him and my mother through this stage of his life.  Sadly, I watched his body rapidly transform from 175 pounds to a mere 75 pounds until he eventually passed away.

Happily, my stepdad gave his life to Christ before he passed away, so I believe he is one of God’s angels watching over me.

My stepdad is gone but he is never forgotten!  I Love You and I Miss You!

I am happy to say that my biological father is alive and well and is a part of my life and I love him very much as well.

So, I was blessed to have had the pleasure of having two dads.  One is etched deep in my heart with very fond childhood memories and the other is still alive and available to listen to me when I need to talk and to give me fatherly advice when I need it.

Happy Belated Father’s Day to you Both!

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