Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

This is an interesting question because I went through the greater part of my life, thinking my glass was always half empty.  I only saw the negative side of things.

The concept of “the glass half empty vs half full” to me is a state of mind and how you view your world.

How you feel about yourself really determines how people will treat you.  Additionally, how people treat you impacts how you feel about yourself.  The two seem to go hand in hand.

I always questioned myself and my abilities because of the experiences from my early life.  In grade school, I was always this tiny little thing, yet one of the smartest students in school.  I was involved in spelling bees and I won some of them, too.  But even with that, I didn’t understand how beautiful, special, and important I was.  I always felt inferior to those around me.  My glass was half empty.

Then came high school.  I wasn’t the most popular.  In fact, my best friend and I were exempt from that special group of “popular” girls.  I don’t know if my best friend ever gave it any thought.  But it was devastating for me.  I couldn’t understand because I was likable.  I figured there was just something about me, I guess.  I hadn’t yet realized that I wasn’t the one who was out of sorts, so I placed the blame where it didn’t belong, on myself.  My glass was half empty.

Then came early and middle adulthood.  My glass stayed half empty for quite a while because I still felt inadequate.  I just couldn’t see the positive side of things.  That played a major role in how I was treated by others.

I didn’t believe in myself.  Therefore, I didn’t have the voice that I needed to really be heard.  My outer appearance was pleasing to the eye and I seemed very well put together.  I even expressed confidence and pride outwardly, but my overall view of my inner self was pretty negative. My glass was half empty.

I never demanded to be treated the way I knew I deserved to be treated by others.  Female friends, boyfriends, acquaintances, even co-workers would occasionally use me as a doormat and I allowed it.  I would also sabotage any potentially lasting boyfriend relationship.  Subconsciously, of course, because I didn’t think I deserved it.  My glass was half empty.

Now, I know better because I love and respect myself.  That comes from knowing how much God loves me.  If he can love me so much, then why can’t those around me feel the same?  I no longer beg for acceptance from others.  Additionally, I won’t accept anything less than loyalty and kindness because I am worthy of it.  I now see the positive side of the wonderful person that is ME.  My glass is now half full.

I have to admit that occasionally, being of human flesh, my glass will attempt to lean toward half empty, but I fill it right back up with positivity and remembrance of my blessings when I realize it has begun to seep out again.

If you find yourself feeling half empty, look on the other end of the spectrum and you’ll see that you’re really half full and you can only go up from there because you will not feel depleted if you trust God and remain in a positive state of mind.

Just something to think about…

2 thoughts on “Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

  1. Thank you for this wonderful message today. So very true….I enjoy reading your inspirational message. Please continue as I myself need such reminders….God Is Great All The Time…All The Time God Is Great… God Bless You Franchesca

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