Giving Thanks….

I have found myself up later than I had anticipated, once again.  So, I decided to take a moment to give thanks to God for all the wonderful blessings he has given me.

I was reflecting on my life over the years and the many times that God has shown himself to me by way of unexpected blessings.

The blessings go beyond all the great material possessions that we can see, touch, and bask in!

Some blessings can be merely a smile from a kind person on one of your hardest days.  Others can be that break you get that you weren’t expecting, that changed the course of your entire day, maybe even your life.

Then, there is the divine safety and protection from something unfavorable that came just in the nick of time and you realized you were spared.  There are too many to count.

Let’s see…..Life, Health, Strength, Wonderful Friends (you know who you are), Family, Food, Shelter, Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness, and the list goes on and on. May God continue to bless each and every one of you.

Take a moment to reflect on your many blessings…

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