Music for the Soul….

Today, I stumbled across some “back in the day” music that really got my attention.  Something I hadn’t heard before.  It was a mix of Soul, R&B, and Gospel.

There is nothing better than calming music to soothe your senses and take you back to when things were simple. Of course, you eventually come back to earth and you’re back in your realistic moment where life is not so simple anymore.

But for a moment, you’re lost in the good old days.  What a comforting feeling.  I experienced that today thanks to my mini musician who absolutely loves music.

It was a young mind that found this “old” music interesting and passed it on to me. That just goes to show you that you’re never too old to learn something new from even the youngest of minds.

Yes, I know it seems pointless to take such a seemingly simple moment and give it meaning.  It’s only music, right?

But you see, the right music can have sort of a healing effect on the mind, which can change the mood of your entire day.  It did for me.

Just sharing my experience….

Can you relate?  If so, feel free to share your calming experience.



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