Like Mindedness: Vital and Essential…..

Vital because it is one of the main ingredients for proper functioning of any relationship, family or otherwise, and it rids you of detrimental conflict.

Essential because it helps you enjoy life with others and brings about a feeling of happiness from within because it does not open the door to conflict.

Zero external conflict leaves the window wide open for peace of mind.

Peace of mind brings about freedom from anxiety and releases you from internal conflict because you’re not confronted with tough decisions and negative outcomes.

So, you typically end up experiencing a calm spirit full of quiet (a breath of fresh air), coupled with inner peace, and a positive concept about life in general.

On the other hand, troubled “unequally yoked” relationships bring about double-mindedness because you’re torn between your heart and common sense and/or logic (gut feeling).

In my lifetime, 9 times out of 10, my heart won, leaving me with really difficult outcomes because of the decisions I made.  This is not a good thing when your future is held in the ballot and you choose your heart (feelings) over the obvious logical choice.

Thankfully, through lots and lots of prayers, change, and just talking to God who strengthens me, I think more logically now and try to listen to what God would have me do, rather than living by “the heart wants what the heart wants” concept.

Just my personal thoughts and experiences……

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