End of the School Daze…

…Summer comes after a semester of dwelling in a very long school daze and beating the “finals” clock.

After you get that final paper and final exam off your plate, you get this second wind!  You feel empowered again!  But wait,  you look forward to another long, yet rewarding semester of learning.

I wouldn’t trade knowledge for the world.  I think it helps to define, fine tune, and ultimately shape us into what we will become.  A doctor, a professor, a mentor, or whatever fits inside your scholastic box.

There are some who need an academic nudge to help them find their innermost selves.  …But there are some who have that connection with “self” that just takes them to where they are destined to be with academics being the tool to drive them there.

The academic nudge will definitely steer you in the right direction of your calling if you listen carefully.  I was never one to listen.  I knew that I wanted to indulge in something that I loved, but what was it?  Was it becoming a ballet dancer (my childhood dream), a mother,  leader, perhaps a follower, an inspirer?  I didn’t really know.

Learning new things helped me grow and figure some things out.

…I think we all are continuously growing in some way or another.





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