Beautiful Morning…

Today, I look around and see beautiful sunshine and blue skies.  The perfect beginning to an awesome day!

Wouldn’t it be great if life mimicked a perfectly sunny day, with no overcast skies (grey skies are continuous), clouds (occasional brightness peeks out from the sky), or terrible storms?

Our lives are just that way.  Sometimes we wake up to this beautiful light that shines so brightly, and we get beside ourselves.

Other times, we find ourselves in the midst of major storms with lingering uncertainty that keeps us on our toes and are quite frightening.  We hold our breaths and wait for that moment when the proverbial storm is over.

No, you don’t have to hide in a closet or storm shelter for safety.  Instead, you can rest in safety with God by your side.  Even if the outcome is not what you anticipated or hoped for, you’ll still be ok.

Like the tornadoes and hurricanes that come out of nowhere, life’s storms are only here for a season and with God’s love and grace, you look up and see sunshine once again.

So, when you’re going through your perfect storm, just ask God for guidance and perseverance and you’ll get through it. That’s what I do.

Then I sit down and have my cup of tea…

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