Looking for my inspiration….

Today, I look for inspiration to start my day……I don’t know where it will come from, but it will come.

My ideal day will be one that flows gently and graces me with lots of positivity.  So, I begin with a hot cup of organic green tea with lemon and honey.  It’s perfectly warm and soothing to take the chill out of my morning.

My challenge for today is to stay focused on what really matters, only that which will impact my life favorably.  I think this should be a daily goal so we rid our minds of “stuff” that won’t matter a year from now.  I say this because I often find myself getting caught up in my life’s past hiccups and dwelling there unnecessarily, but I’ve finally learned that dwelling in the past prospers me nothing.

May your day be full of Grace, Positivity, and Fulfillment.

Lots of things on my plate today, so I guess I better get started.  Blessings to all my readers until next time….

If you haven’t already, perhaps you should start your day off with a hot cup of your favorite tea….


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